I. Contact information

Office address: 81 Nguyen Hien, Hung Loi Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Hotline: 0914.909.955

Email: tiendung@thietkehoanggia.com

II. Scope of activities

- Design and construction of apartment interior, interior design and construction of villas, town houses, hotels, restaurants, offices ...

- Retailing of furniture products directly designed and manufactured by a team of skilled architects and carpenters.

III. Orientation of operation

Can Tho Branch Office aims to provide customers in Can Tho City and neighboring provinces with high quality, most competitive works and furniture items on the market.

Expanding the market, shaping the Hoang Gia brand in the field of interior design and decoration, thereby expanding and providing services widely both at home and abroad.

IV. System of Can Tho Office Department

At Can Tho Branch, you can meet with a team of talented architects, consultants and designers for guidance or advice to help you fulfill your liking.

Can Tho branch office system

The office is designed with open space to help connect departments together, increase cohesion and efficiency of work.

Along with that, sincerity, enthusiasm, agility in work as well as mastering professional knowledge is the key to the sales department of Can Tho branch always receives the love of our customers.

The strength that makes Hoang Gia brand different is the coordination between offices in different regions as well as between departments in branch offices. The specialization in each department, the high responsibility and the departments always exchange work frankly, share the difficulties that have created a professional, creative and continuous innovation office.


Contact information

Office address: 81 Nguyen Hien, Hung Loi Ward, Ninh Kieu District, TP. Can Tho

Hotline: 0914.909.955

Email: tiendung@thietkehoanggia.com