Experience in hiring interior design and construction of apartments

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha's email is nguyenthanhha1987@gmail.com at G Court Five star garden, Ms. Ha sent us the following question:

In November, I received an apartment in Five Star Garden apartment, my apartment was handed over as a main apartment with an area of ​​100m2, I need to redesign the entire interior space of apartments, however, I have not had experience in designing and constructing interior of apartments, I hope to receive the enthusiastic sharing.

Answer: Dear Ms. Ha, in November, you will receive the apartment and you are planning to rent and design interior of an apartment with an area of ​​100m2, but you have no experience in this field, so I would like Share some important notes with her before making a decision:

Firstly: Learn thoroughly about interior design and construction units

To find the design unit and interior construction of the apartment is very simple, you just need to go to the internet seach google to design the interior of the apartment, will give a lot of results of the units that receive the interior design. If you have an apartment, and the projects they have done, you can refer to the projects that the units have designed to see if you like it or not, your apartment has an area of ​​100m2 scales.

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Second: should design and construction package

If you choose the same unit that both designs and constructs the interior, you will save a significant cost, usually if you hire the design and construction of the same unit, you will receive a free refund. Full design money.

Experience in hiring interior design and construction of apartments

Third: Should find out the capacity of the unit she plans to cooperate with

Understanding the competence of the unit you are planning to rent interior design for your apartment is extremely necessary, it not only helps you be more assured about the products they bring, and save money. With a considerable cost, a professional interior design and construction company will surely have many years of experience in the field, have its own factory to serve, have implemented many projects in the area, There are branches throughout the 3 regions of the country, which are some of the factors to determine the ability of the company.

Experience in hiring interior design and construction of apartments

Fourth: there is a clear work contract committed to progress

When deciding to choose to work with any furniture company, you should ask for a clear contract and commitment to complete the schedule to ensure your rights.

Thursday requires clear product warranty period

When deciding to hire design and construction of apartment interior, you need to immediately clarify the issue of product warranty time when the error and form of warranty to ensure your rights.

Above is the most basic information about the experience of renting an interior design apartment that I draw from my personal experience, hope that the above experience will help her somewhat but she can Refer to the beautiful interior design projects that Hoang Gia Furniture Company has implemented

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