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  • Condominum Interior Design
  • Villa Interior Design
  • House Interior Design
  • Neoclassical Interior Design

About Us

About Us


PenViet Interior Architecture and Construction Joint Stock Company

(Formerly known as Hoang Gia Advertising and Interior Decoration Joint Stock Company)

Tax code : 0104913886

Phone: 0248.587.5748 Hotline: 0943.683.666

Headquarters: 5th Floor, No. 164 Nguyen Xien, Ha Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City

Representative:  Do Xuan Huynh | Email: Info@thietkehoanggia.com

The offices and branches of PenViet (Hoang Gia Design) are located at locations to provide services not only at centers of the country but also to border areas to ensure the supply providing interior design, construction and retail services of quality furniture to all regions of the country.

Business areas:

- Design and construction of apartment interior, interior design and construction of villas, town houses, hotels, restaurants, offices ...

- Retail sale of furniture designed and manufactured directly by a team of skilled architects and carpenters.

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