Royal Tea Ca Mau milk tea shop design

Royal Tea Ca Mau milk tea shop design

Continue with Royal Tea design project chain. The project of designing Milk tea shop in Ca Mau is the 4th design project that has been done.


Servives Introduction

Royal Tea Ca Mau milk tea shop design

Royal Tea milk tea shop is designed for young people. Therefore, designers don’t not use much furniture that is disturbing with the eye. However, it is still very eye-catching.

The architects selected a modern style for this milk tea shop design. This choice of style is suitable for milk tea shop, especially this small milk tea shop. Layout of interior space is simple but scientific and reasonable.

Royal Tea Ca Mau milk tea shop design - 1st floor

The 1st floor is a simple design with a functional spatial layout including cashier area, dispensing counter and customer area. The processing area is widely arranged along the length of the shop.  This area is well-ventilated, dry and clean to provide hygiene to help customers trust that the products produced here are truly safe.

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The milk tea shop design is quite simple layout, dispensing counter area and sitting area is designed in parallel with each other to take advantage of reasonable space. Many trees are put in to help the shop space more close to the nature.

Tables and chairs are designed to be compact and simple, not too sophisticated. The space is decorated with colorful and small paintings that are both very stylish and fashionable, combined with subtle colors have highlighted the modern, dynamic design style.

Royal Tea Ca Mau milk tea shop design - 2nd floor

The design of 2nd floor is the main area for customers to enjoy milk tea. This area uses a wide variety of seat systems.Tables and chairs are selected with square tables of suitable size for the space so that customers will not be confined while drinking milk tea and will help shop owners arrange more easily. Moreover, the square table will allow customers to arrange the table together if they are a large group. Arranging the system of tables and chairs with sufficient space to create a comfortable way to walk for customers and employees.

An impressive feature of the Ca Mau milk tea shop design is the delicate combination of brick walls and concrete walls. Abstract color paintings are placed in interstitial lotus to create extremely impressive space for young people to get the most beautiful check- in angle.

Royal Tea milk tea brand is expressed in many spaces in the milk tea shop. The architects do not use too many brand logos in the shop but only use in some details such as at the reception, some of the most visible walls. This is not annoying to customers but also helps customers remember the brand easily.

The system of scientific installation lighting with the variety of styles of lamps to help shop space in the day will be very beautiful, in the evening will be very sparkling.

A small corner outside the 2nd floor corridor with long and high seating tables for customers to enjoy milk tea while watching the city from above.

The above is the design project of Royal tea Milk Tea shop in Ca Mau in the milk tea shop design chain project for Royal Tea brand of Hoang Gia. If you are interested and want to design a café, milk tea shop, you can contact us immediately for the fastest free consultation.

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