Coffee shop interior design – Mr Chung, Binh Phuoc

Coffee shop interior design – Mr Chung, Binh Phuoc

Coming to Hoang Gia’s  furniture Mr Chung wishes to have a space for a cafe located in the campus of Chung Ly supermarket and he is the investor. To suit the Mr Chung’s supermarket space, Hoang Gia’s architects  have chosen a youthful and unique style with trendy gray-white tone. Here are the main features about the interior design project of Mr. Chung's cafe, please refer!



Project's name: Coffee shop interior design, Mr Chung – Binh Phuoc

Investor: Mr Chung

Address: 1123 Phu Rieng Do street, Tan Binh Ward, Dong Xoai city – Binh Phuoc

The main highlights of the project

With a youthful and modern design, We have chosen a simple design and focused primarily on the combination of colors and unique interior decoration, eye-catching with a youngthful and modern design style.

Coffee-shop -interior- design – Mr Chung- Binh Phuoc1

/Coffee- shop interior- design- Mr Chung- Binh Phuoc 2

The whole space of the coffee shop takes gray white as the main color interwoven with the golden brown of wood and the green of bonsai to create harmony and freshness helping the cafe avoid boredom, monotonousness.

Coffee- shop interior- design - Mr Chung, Binh Phuoc3

The interior system is designed with light color high quality melamine wood. Although we have designed simple interior style, the performance of the interior is still noticeable because of anti – termites, anti- warping wood material

Coffee- shop interior- design - Mr Chung-Binh Phuoc4

Table and chairs are arranged in rows with a neat and logical layout to create a convenient path for customers to easily move.

Coffee- shop interior- design –-Mr Chung- Binh Phuoc 5

Dark gray wall panels are considered as eye-catching decorative accents with unique decorative patterns. Along with that is the art photo frame that increases the aesthetics of the cafe space. The bonsai system is also a remarkable highlight to increase the green color of the cafe, helping the air become fresh and full of vitality.

Coffee -shop interior- design - Mr Chung-Binh Phuoc6

Right in the middle of the cafe, we designed unique roof frame furniture for tables and chairs, creating a private space but still in syntonization with the entire cafe space.

Coffee-shop -interior- design – Mr Chung- Binh Phuoc7

Lastly, lighting system is mentioned here. With the ceiling hidden light system, hanging lights and chandeliers are both effective in providing light and  decorative highlights to help the cafe become more eye-catching and more attractive.

Above is the information, images as well as our evaluation on the coffee shop interior design project for Mr Chung.  Hopefully, through this article, we have brought you useful suggestions. Please contact us to receive consultant  and quotation as soon as possible.

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the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 1


the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 2

the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 3(

the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 4

the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 6(2

the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 7

the-coffee-shop- construction -for-Mr Chung-Binh-Duong 8



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