Lasvegas coffee shop design - Mr Nho

Lasvegas coffee shop design - Mr Nho

Lasvegas coffee shop design - Mr. Nho is one of many projects that Hoang Gia’s Design has perfectly implemented. High quality and suitable materials are carefully selected by us before being put into use.

 Moreover, the professional design team also uses creativity to bring the unique features to Lasvegas coffee shop space.

Today, we will share with you a few pictures as well as a review on the Lasvegas coffee shop design project for reference!



  • Project's name: Lasvegas coffee shop design -  Mr Nho
  • Investor: Mr. Nho
  • Address: 18 Ngo Quyen –  Ward 2  – Tan An – Long An


Lasvegas - Mr. Nho coffee shop is designed in vintage style with bright main colors. The ingenuity of the design team is shown right in the color scheme.

Lasvegas- Cafe1

The restaurant’s facade is extremely prominent with contrasting of the red and yellow. We also arranged some small bonsais on the outside, creating more eye-catching.

Thereby, customers will be attracted from before entering. Next is the interior space, we install furniture sets with different colors evoking the lively and happy atmosphere for everyone.

The surface of the wall is painted yellow and white with a sense of nostalgia and tradition. The floor also does the same thing when it comes to vintage prints and patterns.

Here, we have neatly arranged the interior layout . The furniture is simple in design so it does not take up much space, ensuring moving space for the guests.

Lasvegas- Cafe3

In addition, we use both light yellow light systems to bring a cozy, closer and more charming atmosphere. Thereby, everyone can see the care for the Lasvegas  coffee shop design - Mr. Nho.

We also place a few pots in the corners of the coffee shop to create a airy and green space, providing the best experience for customers.

Above is our share of Lasvegas - Mr. Nho's coffee shop design project. After consulting, if you need it, please contact us immediately for a free consultation!

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