60m2 Riverside apartment interior design

Bảo hành:Guaranee: 12 months
Chất liệu:Russian oak, o7 paint spray MDF wood cabinet door, white vein stone courtertop, felt cushion, gypsum partition, 5mm mirror, stainless steel
Xuất xứ:Origin: PenViet
USD 4.775

Design and construction of modern, classy and impressive apartment  is what we see in this design. 60m2 apartment of Ms Duong with full of functional space including living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms., wedrooms

Product detail

Product details

Riverside apartment design Vu Tong Phan - Ms. Duong

  • Investor: Ms. Duong

  • Address: Riverside Vu Tong Phan Apartment

  • Area: 60m2

  • Categories: Living room + kitchen, master bedroom, kid bedroom

  • Style: Riverside apartment design brings a modern style with brown wood tones, inscribed

  •  Unit: Hoang Gia Interior Decoration and Advertising Joint Stock Company

  •  Year: 2019

 3d images of Riverside apartment 60m2 design – Ms  Duong

  1. Design living room + dining

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-1

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-2

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-3

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-4

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-5

  1. The 1st bedroom design

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-6

  1. The 2nd bedroom design

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-7

60m2- Riverside- -apartment- -interior- design-8


*Note: - The above quotation is for reference only: Due to the fact that each project is different in terms of materials used, structure as required by each owner and construction time.

- You have just known important information about the condominum design, for detailed advice on the material types with prices as well as which materials are suitable for the budget, design advice is suitable for  needs or interests, please contact us immediately for the best support!


Step 1: Discuss the idea of ​​apartment interior design with the architects Step 2: Surveying the current status of the work to be designed

Step 3: Design 2D space, choose design materials and sign contracts Step 4: Designing 3D illustration images

Step 5: Browse and verify the design with the customer

Step 6: Hand over the technical document and finalize the contract

Step 7: Consulting, negotiating on construction contracts

Step 8: Manufacturing and processing interior products at Hoang Gia Manufactory

Step 9: Interior construction and installation in the customer's home

Step 10: Handover - Acceptance - Warranty


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60m2 Riverside apartment interior design