Neoclassical tube house living room design – Mr Bao

Bảo hành:Guarantee: 12 months
Chất liệu:Materials: 2k white paint MDF, glass, mirror, industrial leathe covered sofa, stainless steel legs
Xuất xứ:Origin: PenViet
USD 2.442.27

The neoclassical 4m tube house design is combined with the use of materials, colors with modern trends, and the importance of symmetrical elements, the proportion of harmony in order to bring exquisite beauty, luxury and nobility for his family.

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I. House living room design project information - Mr. Bao

  • Investor: Mr. Bao
  • Area: 15m2
  • Address: Tan Phu - HCMC
  • Style: neoclassical
  • Unit: PenViet Interior Architecture and Construction Joint Stock Company (PenViet has now become a leading prestigious brand in the field of apartment, house, villa, Royaltea milk tea and cafe shop ... interior design and construction) 
  • Year : 2019

 II. Design images living room townhouses - Mr. Bao






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Neoclassical tube house living room design – Mr Bao