Interior design of Coffee House Hoi An

Interior design of Coffee House Hoi An

Hoi An is a famous place in Vietnam and attracts many tourists. So the service industry here is also a very strong development. The cafe store is also opened in small quantities along with the distinctive interior style, with a private mark to serve the tastes of customers.

Hoang Gia Furniture Company is pleased to be the implementing organization of Interior design Project Coffee House Hoi An. Today we are pleased to introduce a few highlights about this project, let's see you!


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Project name: Interior design of Coffee House Hoi An
Investor: Mr. Min
Address: Son Pho 2 – Cam Chau – Hoi An


Interior design Project Café Coffee House Hoi An has a classic design style combined with modern trends to bring an incredibly impressive space.

Using yellow and brown tones as the mainstream, the store evokes the nostalgia of Hoi An but retains the subtle and aesthetically high aesthetics.

The architectural façade is characterized by a classic style, which evoke curiosity for customers right from the store's exterior.

The inner space retains the design in addition to that the floor is grey-coloured tiles, making the interior space a very high aesthetic with elegance and nostalgia. The furniture system also has a very distinctive style with the classic style, which is the aesthetic, artistic of the space, contributing to the exciting experience for customers.

And this is the biggest feature of Coffee House Hoi An, customers coming here will feel like home by the interior design as well as the arrangement of furniture is close.

The lighting here is also used in classical style such as chandeliers or lanterns that bring enough brightness to contribute to make the store space much more lively.

Above are some of the images as well as a review of the design project of coffee House Hoi An, you can refer to our other projects at the link below. Please contact the Hoang Gia Furniture Company immediately to receive advice and give yourself an agreed space.

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