High fly milk tea shop interior design – Bac Lieu

High fly milk tea shop interior design – Bac Lieu

Coming to Hoang Gia’s Furniture Company, Mr Tuyen wants to have a milk tea shop with a large and modern area suitable for young customers. To meet Mr Tuyen needs, we have brought the Hight Fly milk tea shop interior design project with the most optimal options both in design lines and high-class construction materials.



  • Project’s name: High fly milk tea shop interior design – Bac Lieu
  • Customer’s name: Nguyen Kim Tuyen
  • Address: 183 Xom Moi Hamlet, Tan Thanh Commune, Gia Rai District, T. Bac Lieu
  • Area: 123m2

The main highlights of the project
The High - fly interior design milk tea shop has European modern style, liberal and creative design lines, along with carefully selected interior materials to bring an impressive interior design project.



The dominant color of milk tea shop space is yellow wood. Wood is also the main material used in this design. Melamine wood is a high-quality wood material, used in most interior designs. Melamine wood is durable, waterproof to optimize its use.



Interior design of furniture is made from treated high quality melamine wood, so it is durable, waterproof, anti-termite. This furniture system is arranged with a reasonable and logical layout to create an open, spacious and airy space, taking a convenient path for customers to easily move. The tables and chairs are designed with simple designs, suitable for a youthful, modern milk tea shop space.


In addition, they are combined with black powder coated iron frame. This is also a material with high strength, firmness and anti-warping, bringing the interior system to meet in terms of durability, performance and aesthetics. This is also considered as a striking line for the space to add highlights, matching the main color of the shop space is black, yellow and white.


The strong black, yellow color that is subtly coordinated by the skillful hands of  Hoang Gia’s  Architects, this will definitely be the ideal check-in place for customers to visit and experience here. With many corners, the space is decorated with many different styles and design lines to bring a new space to meet the needs of customers  about aesthetic


Besides the main interior design, we also decorate small pots, glowing backlit pictures to help the milk tea shop space become more modern and richer. Green pots bring a fresh color, combined with rich lighting system to create a sparkling and attractive space.

Above is the information, images as well as our evaluation on the interior design project of Hight Fly Milk Tea Shop - Bac Lieu. Other projects related to Hoang Gia’s Furniture Company, you can refer to the following.

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