Royaltea milk tea shop - Mr. Nam, Vung Tau design

Royaltea milk tea shop - Mr. Nam, Vung Tau design

Mr. Nam's royaltea tea shop design has an impressive industrial style and personality. This will definitely be a great place to be chosen by many young people.



Services Introduction

Investor: Mr. Nam

Area: 93 m2

Address: Vung Tau

Style: Industrial

Architect: Trong Hieu

Hoang Gia interior decoration and advertising joint stock company
Year: 2019

Continue to design project of Royal City milk tea shop. Hoang Gia continues to design and execute Royaltea's milk tea shop for Mr.Nam in Vung Tau.

Retain the mainstream, the same as the original milk tea design. Mr. Nam's milk tea house still has an industrial and novel style that is similar to the design of Hue's milk tea cafe. However, Mr. Nam's design was created by some architects with some differences to express Mr. Nam's personality.

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Mr. Nam - the investor wants to open a fast food and beverage shop in an apartment building. His request is very simple, that is to create impressive, modern and comfortable space for customers. After grasping the design requirements, the architects took the idea and implemented the designs. You can refer to the following.

Royaltea milk tea shop - Mr. Nam, Vung Tau - facade design

Designs of milk tea shop signboards is simple but not monotonous. Signs showing full information about the brand, the red logo is clearly displayed on the white background to attract the gaze of passersby.

The space design in front of the shop includes a table system outside the garden and high-class umbrellas. Customers can comfortably enjoy milk tea outdoors. The round table design system is easy to set up, it can bring back a comfortable feeling for customers. The glass door separating space creates the most open feeling.

Royaltea milk tea shop - Mr. Nam, Vung Tau - interior design

Clearly expressing the characteristics of Industrial style, the royaltea tea shop design has a liberal beauty, simple but very delicate. The key neutral tones bring elegance to space. High ceilings to expand the space with many rudimentary and strong lines similar to factories.

The area of cashier counter and dispensing area is simple, neutral tones create a clean and luxurious feeling that brings a sense of trust to customers when using milk tea.

The milk tea shop interior uses mdf wood material with high durability, but the investment cost is not too high, which helps to save costs for investors. Wood brown feels more close to nature, so customers will feel comfortable.

Trees are arranged scientifically throughout the space to make space more open. The system of tables and chairs is designed in a variety of ways, which are tables and chairs close to the wall and round tables between the houses. In particular, the small house in the middle of the house with the table system is sitting around, creating an impressive highlight.

Led lights are nicely decorated in wooden cages to exude a unique style.

Above are pictures and information about Royaltea Vung Tau industrial design project. If you are in need of designing a café, a milk tea shop, please contact the Royal Family. With more than 10 years of experience in construction design, we will definitely help you get a better café space than you expected.

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