Royaltea milk tea shop - Ms. Trang, Tay Ninh design

Royaltea milk tea shop - Ms. Trang, Tay Ninh design

Ms. Trang's Royaltea milk tea shop design impresses customers with the unique beauty created from the Industrial design style. This will definitely be a place to attract many young people in Tay Ninh.



Servives Introduction

Investor: Ms. Trang.

Address: Shophouse Vinhome, Tay Ninh

Area: 2 floors, 130 m2.

Style: Industrial style 

Hoang Gia interior decoration and advertising joint stock company

Year: 2019

Royaltea milk tea shop - Ms. Trang, Tay Ninh facade design

It’still a simple design style, highlighting the brand as the overall design of milk tea shops for all the shops throughout the country. White background, outstanding red brand font attracts customers' glances. Use the structure for signboard like thatalso contributes to the branding of royaltea milk tea.

Royaltea milk tea shop - Ms. Trang, Tay Ninh interior design

Still the Industrial design style, still according to the brand's overall design. But with creativity, the architects have subtly arranged, coordinated space, combining colors to bring a milk tea interior space, which has shown the characteristics of the brand.

The space is built vertically and parallelly between the counter and the table and chairs of the guests, both in accordance with the actual space of the store architecture and providing open space.

Red brick walls, colorful tables and chairs have brought a lively space. Tables and chairs are selected as long rows of tables along the shop to create an impressive overall space.

The cashier's desk uses industrial yellow color MDF wood combined with concrete walls to create an impressive highlight.

Talking about the interior of the shop, the architects also use many small decorative shelves to put green trees in, the decorative details on the walls are also carefully invested to bring the space without dead corners.

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