Coffee shop interior design, Mr Minh - Hanoi

Coffee shop interior design, Mr Minh - Hanoi

Coffee shop interior design for  Mr. Minh – Ha Noi  is one of many projects that Hoang Gia’s  Design have implemented. We not only apply modern style, but also optimize the space by extremely reasonable arrangement of interior details. Mr. Minh's demands on aesthetics are also met by the high quality materials we use.

We use the high quality materials that met the Mr Minh’s demands on aesthetics. Today, to know more about the coffee shop interior design for Mr. Minh - Hanoi, we would like to introduce a few pictures  as well as evaluation to give you a clearer idea!



  • Project’s name: Coffee shop interior design, Mr Minh – Hanoi
  • Investor: Mr Minh
  • Area: 90m2
  • Adress: Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi  


Modern design style is taken advantages at every corner of Mr. Minh's coffee shop space.

The floor here is tiled by high – class enameled brick combined with the pale yellow light from the searchlight system, the downlight has made the interior of Mr. Minh's coffee shop become much more sparkling.

Coffee-shop- interior-design-Mr Minh- Hanoi1

The tables and chairs here are simple in style but colorful because we want customers to come here to feel the dynamic.

Most of the cumbersome decoration will not be included because  of the neatness we give top priority when designing the interior of Mr. Minh's coffee shop.

Coffee-shop- interior-design-Mr Minh- Hanoi2Coffee-shop- interior-design-Mr Minh- Hanoi3

Besides, the coffee shop of Mr Minh  also has its own personality when owning a colorful ceiling light system. They bring a lovely and youthful differences to the coffee shop space.

We have tried to bring out the subtleties in each detail and have been a good result when using contrast colors.

Coffee-shop- interior-design-Mr Minh- Hanoi4

Coffee-shop- interior-design-Mr Minh- Hanoi5

Besides, we gently decorated the interior space of Mr. Minh's cafe with a few bonsai pots.

 In general, when coming here, customers will have great experiences, have beautiful check-in points, and enjoy the youthfulness and dynamism that Minh’s coffee shop interior design brings.

 Above are some pictures as well as the evaluation that you can refer, please contact us for a free consultation or refer to other projects:

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